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Story Weave - Commission Weaves

I love weaving. It's another passion that keeps me up at night. When I'm not doing it I'm thinking about it. 

Story weaves is a weave created where I tune into the energy of my customer and weave her a story that is to come in her life. All textures and colours are chosen intuitively which as a medium reminds me so much of how a vision is slowly created. Starts off with colours and slowly begins to form. 

With each weave you receive a write up of the what I see typed which comes packaged with your weave which is created as a wall hanging.

For a medium sized weave which is usually can be anywhere from 70cm in length and approximately 30cm in width. Exchange is $120.

Large right now can be anywhere from 90 to a one metre in length and 40 to 50cm in width. Exchange is $200. 

Circular weaves are also available and are approximately 28cm with a fringe which is usually long. To discuss or have any questions please email me at thecavewomban@gmail.com

Weaves can also be created without insight.