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Painting & Jewellery Commissions

Painting and Drawing Commissions - I believe I'm here to paint. I have to paint, I can't exist without it. Also drawing. I began with drawing and my love for pastels and charcoal will be showcased very soon. 

If you would like a commissioned piece there is a few things you need to know about the way I work.

I work intuitively. I work on a loose structure with the instructions I am given and allow my intuition to do the rest. I'm a medium, so I work with energy and allow what wants to be created to come through. I tune into my clients energy when I create a piece (of course with permission) so I can create something that is unique, loving and empowering for you. 

Each person I have created for has said my work has brought about profound positive change in their life whether it's a painting, drawing or a jewellery piece. 

Commissions are usually $550 not including shipping in Australia (shipping cost will be added and happily shipped to anywhere in the world) 

Half of the commission price must be paid before the painting/drawing begins and the rest when I'm half way completing it. There is no cash return. I put my all into my commissions so the person that would like a commissioned piece needs to completely understand how I work. 

Abstract Painting - Do you have a nature scene or a person you want to capture on canvas? Please get in touch I would love to do that for you! Information above applies with abstract paintings. 

Jewellery Commissions - Jewellery commissions are $160. That includes the pendant, beaded work and shipping to anywhere in the world.

Each piece is infused with essential oils to strengthen the intention of the piece and full cost must be paid before commencement of creating the piece.

Please use the contact form if you would like to book a commissioned painting or piece of jewellery or you can email me at thecavewomban@gmail.com