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Art is my obsession. I can't breathe without it.

I'm what you would call an intuitive or visionary artist. Everything I create is through my practice of allowing and always through my connection with chaos or what I call lovingly, the unknown. The peaceful nothingness that creates All that is. It's through my love affair and my connection with this infinite space, my love for the earth that I create unique pieces juiced up with intuition and love. 

Art is everything. I believe it is. We create everything in our physical reality using creative energy, how can it not be everything? 

Each piece I create is unique and one of a kind, no two pieces are the same so when you purchase my work know that you will always be the owner of a one off piece.

My spiritual practice as a witch has led me to live a rich and potent aware life and I bring the love of change, chaos and transformation into my work. My work will never be polished for that reason to leave an openness to the viewer that physical reality is not the only reality, there's much more than what we can see. Life is constantly changing and moving and I honour the flow of All that is. 

I dedicate my work to our Mother Earth. 

Astara Lakā€™ech is a passionate visionary artist, storyteller, writer, facilitator/teacher and witch to the old craft.

Her message to the world through her art, writing and presence is honour Mother Earth, reconnect with self and the planet expanding heart, mind and spirit honouring the body and see it as a channel for divine expression.